Fun Ideas for Family Movie Night

May 26, 2016

Family Movie Night Fun

With a limited budget an busy kids of various ages (with different activity times and bedtime schedules), it’s expensive and downright exhausting to go out to dinner and a movie as a family.  So family movie night has become is the ideal go-to for family fun.  It’s just such an easy way to end a long week with some relaxing quality time.  But how about kicking movie nights up a notch, to increase the fun factor a bit.  Here are some awesome ideas for making family movie night even more fun…

Ways to Make Family Movie Night MORE Fun!

  1. Print Admission Tickets – How about giving the kids a ticket to Family Movie Night before they head out the door to school in the morning.  It’ll give them something fun to look forward to all day.  You can print off your home computer, just add a little design and colour and use a 220gm light cardboard and it will feel almost like the real thing! 
  2. Let the Kids Make Dinner – Keep dinner simple with pizza or sandwiches or something they can do with a minimum of parental fuss
  3. Make Candy Necklaces – Let the kids keep their treats handy – around their necks!  Have them string candy, pretzels, and such onto a necklace for a fun movie night treat
  4. Pile Up On the Floor – Load the floor with sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows for some snuggling while watching  
  5. Make a Game of It – Play a game while you watch – simple quick card games, bingo, board games divided into sections along with the movie…build drama and suspense and – most of all – fun and anticipation
  6. Pretend You’re At the Drive-In – Use cardboard boxes to craft cars for the kids to sit in
  7. Take It Outside – Set up a projector and invite the neighbors for an outdoor movie night! I’m sure you can think of lots of other ideas to turn a DVD into a great movie party!

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