Mixing it Up : 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Blender

April 26, 2016 3 Comments

Ah, the blender…the quintessential all year round helpful, can’t-live-without Modern Life accessory.  In the mornings, it gets you ready for the day the right way with healthy superfood smoothies, at the cookout, it’s by your side mixing up the pina coladas or frozen daiquiris to please. It stuns your dinner guests with refreshing tomato gazpacho. It’s your sous-chef at the backyard barbecue, your partner-in-crime at cocktail parties. And in the thick of bumper crop produce, it smiles from its spot on the counter with a silent but reassuring “Don’t worry – I’ve got your back.”

Let’s celebrate our superhero with ten cool, creative ways to use your blender. For those of us who see the blender as the smoothie machine, get ready for us to blow your mind. For those of us who have been using the blender for more than just milkshakes since the 20th century, consider this a roadmap through you and your old friend’s shared past. However you use your blender, we’re here to give you a guide to some remembered and forgotten memories of blender versatility…we hope it will get your creative blender juices flowing. Here are some ideas – we leave the concocting or recipe searching up to you

1. Smoothies and Milkshakes

Of course, a blender roundup couldn’t be complete without a blended drink! There’s nothing like a big, frothy milkshake with lots of ice cream or a fruity smoothie complete with a frozen banana to make you feel like a kid again. How about a kids’ Honey Bear smoothie or a grown-up’s boozy take on a banana cream pie milkshake? Drink your way back to childhood with these two tasty treats!

2. Lassi

India’s version of a smoothie, lassi is a sweet, creamy drink made by combining yogurt, honey, aromatic spices and fruits in – you guessed it – the blender. Here’s an idea dreamer’s dream – a Pineapple and Coconut lassi with mint, saffron and cardamom for a fragrant, addictive elixir

3. Cocktails

It’s time for a NoshOn.It redux! The list of cocktails that can be made in a blender is endless, but margaritas are the fan-favorite to which we always return – specifically, the unbelievable Strawberry Sriracha Margarita with frozen strawberries and a dash of hot and spicy Thai sriracha sauce

4. Salsa

What’s a party without a bowl of fresh salsa? Your blender can help you make salsa smooth and silky, while still flavorful. Try out the classic red salsa, or for a little twist, combine cucumber and tomatillo for a crisp and refreshing take on salsa verde

5. Hummus and Dip

A high-quality blender is the secret to making ultra-creamy dips for TV-watching days, cocooning or happy hour. Hummus is a classic for scooping with pita chips, slathering on celery or spreading on sandwiches

6. Soup

Gazpacho, the classic Spanish tomato soup served cold, is a classic blender entree. They’re perfect summer dinners or hot day lunches, and they’re a super quick and easy way to utilize fresh produce, lots of ripe tomatoes and garlic. Clean out your refrigerator vegetable drawerand improvise on this old classic!

7. Hollandaise

Ever tried to make hollandaise? It’s no easy feat. But there’s nothing like Sunday morning and eggs benedict with easy homemade hollandaise in your blender. In fact, many cold sauces can be whipped up in your blender with ease and panache!

8. Ice Cream

Ice cream makers are pricy and making ice cream from scratch is time consuming – but not with your trusty blender! Try adding Frangelico and Nutella for a droolworthy chocolate hazelnut blender gelato. Or go more simple – try sticking a frozen banana in a blender and boom: banana ice cream. That’s how to make life delicious!

9. Nut Butter

Get ready! We’re about to blow your mind. You can make nut butter in the blender!How about Toasted Coconut-Hazelnut Butter in the blender that might have you swearing off peanut butter altogether. Spread this on toast, mix it into smoothie or, maybe just eat it with a spoon, straight from the jar. Just imagine the combinations you can come up with!

10. Mousse/Pudding

Avocados and cocoa, surprisingly enough, make for a creamy chocolate dessert without the cream. Start experimenting with mousse/puddings by leaving behind the old, comfort puds and concocting strange and enticingly toothsome new desserts…add one ingredient eg yogurt, or custard or…then add a fruit, and taste. Add a nut, and taste. Add a spice or a leaf like basil, and taste…just keep going or stop when you wish… just let your imagination run wild. It’s a great and easy way to make interesting dairy or non-dairy blender desserts which, because they are blended, and are guaranteed to be creamy and (hopefully) delicious

These are our top ten this time…more to come. Let us know what you think. Share with us how you use your blender and we’ll post any and all contributions on DeluxeHomeDelight’s“Stories” page. Help us make “Stories” good and relevant, timely and entertaining!

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