Spy Kids Geo Strike Geodesic Play Dome

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A top-secret hideout for surveillance, planning and training, the Spy Kids Geo Strike geodesic play dome lets you spy on the competition with a hidden periscope and then plan your defense.

Three entrances allow for undetected advancement and hiding crucial transportation.

Walls with stationary, spinning and stacked cup targets give trainees multiple opportunities to practice their aim.

Store blasters and darts inside so you’ll always be ready for battle. But, look out! If the satellite is hit, communication could be lost! 

Practice, plot and play for hours in the amazing Spy KidsGeodesic Play Dome. Nerf blasters and darts not included.

  • 12 Nerf branded target cups for practicing aim
  • Blaster storage inside to keep clutter contained and ready for play
  • Crawl tunnel opening is a stealthy way to emerge and blast
  • Dome top with periscope; spy on the competition and plan defense
  • Satellite communications target spins when hit
  • Spinning target practice for challenging and rewarding shots
  • Hand-cranked, roll-up bunker entrance for spy vehicle deployment
  • Made of wood for long-lasting adventures
  • Dimensions (cm): 184.51 x 170.99 x 153.0
  • Box Dimensions (cm): 111.51 x 59.51 x 29.01

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