Aerial Silk 10x2.8M Yoga Swing Hammock & Trapeze

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 You will get everything you need to perform an aerial dance at the home, studio, or outside.

Your aerial yoga silks set will include: 1 33 ft (10 m) Polyester Silk, 2 Carabiners, 1 Universal Ring, 1 Figure 8 Descender, 1 Daisy Chain, 1 Ceiling Hook, and 4 Screws. 

  • Soft and durable fabric - Aerial silk fabric is made of 100% polyester in elegant colours. It is soft, slick, easy-to-grip and measures 10.06 m long and 2.8 m) wide. Acrobatic silks are durable and strong,  suitable for both beginners learning to climb and the experienced to practice.
  • Climbing grade hardware - The alloy steel screw-lock carabiners with 25KN loading rating and the Magaluma descender with 50KN is safe and robust. The Aviation Magaluma swivel 30KN lets you enjoy the freedom of infinite smooth rotations by making sure the silk doesn't twist on themselves. One steel ceiling hook and four screws work well with a concrete structure. With the daisy chain, the aerial silk kit can be secured around a solid branch.
  • Easy to set up and carry - Top-notch hardware allowing you to create the one-point set up for the aerial dance. Suitable for ceiling higher than 3.5 m). Easily install on any exposed beam, tree branch, aerial rig, pipe, beam. Easy to set up indoors or outdoors. With a drawstring bag, you can carry it anywhere for practice or performance.
  • Durable and portable trapeze stand - Made of 1.5 mm thick steel pipe, weighs only 29 kg,  has high hardness and high load-bearing capacity, and the maximum load can reach 250 kg. Without any screws and other installation tools, so it is very convenient to install and remove by rotating. Unfolded Size: 2.68 m length x 1.88 m width x 2.93 m height.
  • Wide application- The aerial silk kit is perfect for any level of user who wants to fly at home or in the studio. Ariel silks equipment set for can improve your flexibility, balance, yoga poses, and core strength. This aerial set also suitable for antigravity yoga hammock or aerial yoga hammock as long as you have one extra ceiling hook and screws.

VEVOR Aerial Silk 10x2.8M Yoga Swing Hammock Trapeze Antigravity Pilates Home

Aerial Silks  (Only)

  • Silk Size(L x W): 2.8 x 10 m 
  • Material: 100% polyester silk, alloy steel carabiners, Magaluma descender, Aviation Magaluma swivel,

Package Contents

  • 1 x 10 m Polyester Silk
  • 2 x Carabiners
  • 1 x Universal Ring
  • 1 x Figure 8 Descender
  • 1 x Daisy Chain
  • 1 x Ceiling Hook
  • 4 x Screws

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