7 tricks for keeping cool in summer

December 28, 2016

Beat the heat with these simple tricks for an instant cool down

1. DIY air-con
It might sound crazy, but couple of frozen water bottles or a large jug of ice in front of a desk fan will chill your room down in no time

2. Eat spicy foods
If you’re feeling hot and bothered, add some spice to your food. The heat will make you sweat, lowering your body temperature. The same goes for hot drinks – a cup of tea will actually cool you down faster than an ice lolly

3. Chill your bedsheets
During a heatwave, a chilled bed sheet can help keep you cool enough to sleep. Fold a cotton sheet, pop it in a resealable freezer bag, and place in the freezer. Just before you get into bed, take out the sheet and settle down for sleep

4. DIY cooling face mist
Make your own cooling face mist and pop it in your bag so you can use it on the go. Crush ice cubes in a blender with fresh mint, lemon zest, lavender, cucumber or rose. Pour into a spray bottle and store in the fridge or a handy bowl of ice cubes and refresh as needed

5. Cool down quickly
Wrap ice cubes in a length of cloth and tie it around your wrists or the backs of your knees so it rests on your pulse points – it’ll cool your body down fast

6. Drink more water
Add frozen berries, grapes or sliced melon to your icewater when you’re feeling the heat to encourage you to stay hydrated

7. Use a hot water bottle
Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and crushed ice cubes (use a thick plastic bag and a rolling pin to break them up). Place your cold water bottle by your feet or on the backs of your knees. If you're taking it to bed, just fill it up with cold water to avoid condensation

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