The Basic “What to Pack” Camping & Caravanning List

December 24, 2016

What you take with you on your Big Adventure will depend on your rig, how long you are going for, and the level of luxury youare looking for. If you are planning a long-term trip, you will no doubt experience a multitude of weather conditions

Bring a range of clothing to suit different climates but don’t go over the top. Travelling light allows you to pack more quickly and efficiently and it will also save money on fuel. You can
always top up clothing and other items cheaply at local shops or markets

However comfortable the inside of your rig may be, don’t forget to pack a folding table and camp chairs for sitting outside. It is easy to underestimate just how many hours and days you will while away sitting under your awning

If you are planning to take a spare tent for occasional use when you drop your van to go exploring off-road, remember to take a portable gas cooker. Similarly, if camping in the wilds is going to be a significant part of your trip, don’t forget to bring items such as an axe for chopping wood, firelighters and a camp oven

There are lots of ingenious camping gadgets available which may enhance your trip

An LPG portable hot water heater, portable fridge freezer and camp oven with 2 burners are all very useful in bush camping situations. Hammocks, Swiss army knives, portable water filters and battery-less torches are just a few other handy items to consider bringing along. Check out a camping supply shop and keep an eye out for ideas as you trave

Suggested packing list

At the end of the day, packing for your trip is a very personal thing. Start planning what you might want to take well in advance. There’s an old saying that might have been coined for trip packing dilemmas that goes: “If in doubt leave it out”. You can always pick up extra items
on the road. The following are a few items you might want to think about:

General camping gear / Personal items

Axe, Binoculars, Buckets, Campchairs, Camp shower, Compass, Fire extinguisher,
Fire starters, Fishing gear, Folding table, Gas oven/stove,Hatchet, Jerry cans, Lantern, Matches, Portable toilet, Saw, Scissors, Shade cloth for awning floor space, Shovel, Storage containers, Tarp, Tool kit, Torch, first aid kit,Games, Insect repellent, Playing cards, Sunscreen, Bedding (include some warm blankets)

Communications & high-tech equipment / Clothing

Battery charger, Spare batteries, Camera, jump starter battery charge for car battery and all devices eg laptop, mobile, MP3/4 etc, GPS device, e-reader, Laptop computer, Mobile phone UHF radio


Selection of warm and cool clothing. Fly hats, Sun hats, Gardening/utility gloves, Swimwear, Thongs, Umbrellas, walking boots

Cleaning equipment

Biodegradable detergents and washing up liquid, Brush & dustpan, Fold-down laundry basket, Garbage bags, Pegs, Scorer, Tea towels, washing pegs, Washing-up bowl

Books & maps Personal documents

Astronomy guide, Guide to Australian birds, Guide to Australian flora, Book of gems and fossils, Book of card games, Novels, Maps, Address book, copy of all insurance policies, Diary with important dates marked and emergency contacts clearly indicated, Driver’s licence, Credit cards/bank cards, Seniors card, Motoring club card, Club membership cards

General cooking equipment / Campfire cooking equipment

A couple of different-sized saucepans with lids, Billy, Frying pan, Portable gas cooker/ovenwith cooking and cooling racks for outdoor cooking and 4WD tenting adventures, Tongs, Spatulas, A couple of sharp knives, Mixing bowl, Aluminium foil, Cling film, Oven gloves or hot pads, Jug, Ladle and/or large cooking spoon, Wooden spoon, Plastic storage containers, Plates, Bowls, Cutlery, Drinking cups, Mugs, Tin opener,

Whew, and now you’re set (NB: this is the short, basic list!)

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